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As Rudolf Pöch’s scattered legacy - some of which poorly stored and in a bad state of conservation - has never been catalogued in a single volume, its accessibility for research has been difficult to this day. For this reason, the estate seems to be perfect for integration into a digital archive. This not only facilitates scientific access to a valuable stock of objects hitherto nearly inaccessible through a variety of media but also a digital synopsis and stock-taking of physically separate objects. While the real objects of the collection can be transferred to “silent“ - from the conservationist point of view perfect - archives at their respective specialised institutions, these very objects are accessible as a single body of material through a database in a “virtual archive” for visual inspection and further handling.

The accessioning/digitisation project has also been promoted in view of the supraregional importance of Rudolf Pöch’s superb collection, the quality, quantity and diversity of which make it far superior to comparable, even more well known collections. Developed from our scientific internet based database, the collection will finally be presented in a virtual museum in the future, where it can be visited around the clock and around the world.